Walk a day in my shoes

Jakarta’s Traffic Jam Issue. Academic Writing II Assignment

Jakarta’s traffic jam are beyond crazy. I’ve experienced one of the craziest traffic gridlock on December 2012. Can you imagine from Pondok Indah Mall to Metro Kencana Street (near Bukit Golf) you have sit in a car for 3 hours??!! Usually from PIM to my house it only take 5-15 minu

Living in this city, you have to be wise and clever enough deciding where you want to go, at what time are you leaving and going home, which route should you take and many consideration to avoid Jakarta’s nightmare.. the traffic.

Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia, also known as the Metropolitan City, are known for its modern way of live, beautiful tall buildings (especially around Sudirman :p), rich peoples and the crazy traffic. Due to high demand of private transportation (cars, motorcycle) in big city, especially in Jakarta, I think it is hard to push the transportation circulation in the city. 

Many people consider to use personal vehicle or public transportation like taxi to go everywhere (even though they already know about the traffic issue). This traffic problem are very crucial. The government have think of many way to solve this problem such as creating new public transport, implementing 3 in 1 and the latest option is to limit the private vehicle circulation by implementing the car-color coding bid (which is still tentative until now).

I think the cal-color coding bid isn’t really effective. I think what the government should do is to fasten the Monorail Jakarta Project (because I think this new transportation are very fresh, so it attracts many people) and build more flyover (such as Antasari Flyover) also re-new the Busway buses and build new station and add new routes. 

K-Pop Style Influence Towards Indonesian Young Generation. Academic Writing II Assignment

We all know Super Junior, SNSD, PSY, Big Bang and many famous K-Pop musician. Their fame influence many people especially their fans around the world. 

K-Pop in Indonesia have big impact on the young Indonesian. Indonesia is experiencing fast penetration of social media and culture, so it is easy for the young Indonesian to seek or search current trends on music or lifestyle through the media, in this case they search about K-Pop.

K-Pop musician introduce their self with a very unique and memorable way. For example, eye catching costume, cool collaboration with Western musician (G-Dragon and T.O.P, the member of BIG BAND collaborated with Diplo) and many more. K-Pop came up big with fresh concept (style, music, etc).

Indonesia considered as a big potential market for K-Pop. In fact, K-Pop have successfully take Indonesian teenagers (especially girls) by fever. With high demand for K-Pop whether it’s about the CDs, product, film or anything, it is easy for us to find a store that sell Korean products.

Take a look at Mangga Dua Square, you can find a shop that specially sell K-Pop product  such as movies and CDs. The young Indonesian usually use internet to consume and search K-Pop contents. The K-Pop or Korean style also affect the fashion industry. At online shop, you can find range of imported clothes-bags-shoes all from Korea. Even Indonesian Female Group called Cherrybelle are known for their style and music that inspired by SNSD. 

Lifestyle Tips. Academic Writing II Assignment

Lifestyle define as the way an individual live that reflects through his/her attitudes and values. Live in this polluted city with instant lifestyle can damage our mind and body. So, I want to give simple tips for healthy living that’s easy to implement in our daily live.

1. Exercise

The more movement we do when exercising, the healthier we will be. Start doing easy exercise at least once a week. You can choose yoga, swimming or anything you like. Even, dance dance revolution can be one of the fun exercise you can do! 

2. Eating Well

Manage and watch anything that you eat! By eating well, it can improve your health and quality of life as you get older. Try to eat more fruit (you can juice it), vegetables (salads) and avoid junk food.

3. Drink a LOT of Water

There are many reasons why we need to drink more water! It can help us to loose our weight and help us to get a healthy skin. Drinking a tons of water can be a cleansing method to help flush the toxin out of our body

There are some veryyyy easy tips to do to achieve healthy lives. It’s very easy to implement those three tips. Let’s start living healthy to achieve more happy and healthy life.